Moving On

30 Apr

love_airportSo it has been a couple of months since Sarah and I broke up and I finally decided to look at the bright side of life and get on with my life, especially since my work had been greatly affected by the break up. Months went by and I put all my energy and attention to my job since I don’t have anything else to do. Fortunately, my efforts and time paid-off and I got the trip that I have wanted to get since it was announced last year. It’s an all expense paid business trip for a week and an extra 2 days off to a very beautiful resort off the coast. Who would have thought that one of the most hurtful experiences in my life would bring such opportunity for me to grow and learn more in this business world?

So I packed all my clothes and some sharp suits for the trip as well as some summer outfits to be prepared for the weekend off. When I got to the airport, it looks like my luck has been slowly fading since my plane was delayed for almost 2 hours. I can’t stop fuming and thinking of different things to say about the services the airport offers. It’s just when I heard about their new agenda to make waiting more productive and enjoyable especially to busy and grouchy clients. They have this “meet someone” game that everyone is so excited about.

Ok fine, it’s a little childish but what else can I lose right? I’m single, alone in a flight and have nothing else to do but wait for the flight which is hours away, so why not try right. So I decided to log-in and join out of boredom and curiosity, and it’s just my luck maybe playing games with me, but I met this girl who I feel very comfortable talking to. We are on the same airport but we decided not to meet. It’s a bit exciting to happen to someone and a bit out of ordinary but I’m happy. Maybe we’ll keep communicating after this, but who knows right?


A Cure for Heartbreak

19 Mar

hotchocolateSo after days of moping and drinking over a broken-heart and a sudden break-up, I finally decided to listen to the logical part of my brain that shut down the day I met her. I know he’s been bugging me for hours every day to go out and have a life, but what does he know, he’s always logical. He’s not affected by the break-up, he’s not the one smashed into tiny bits of pieces when Sara left. He’s just up there, inside my head, rambling about what I should do, what I should not have done, and to kick my butt every time I mope. Yeah, I’m talking to my brain, sue me!

So I finally heed his advice and decided to go out and just have a bit of stroll around the area. Reached a café and decided to go inside and have a freshly brewed coffee to wake my body up from a long sleep. Don’t know what came over me that when the waitress came to get my order, instead of a cup of brewed coffee, I said, “a tall cup of hot Spanish chocolate please and a slice of that moist chocolate cake!” What did I just ordered? Did I just say chocolates? Yeah, that must be what I have said since the waitress looked at me like I must be from other planets or something. I almost rolled my eyes out of embarrassment but I didn’t flutter, stick with it my boy.

So the chocolate party had arrived with a faint smile from the waitress, she’s a little cute. And under her watchful eye, I have no choice but to take a sip from my cup. Well, it was delicious alright, not too sweet and has a little bit of a bitter tinge to it that I quite like. A couple of minutes later and I almost finished my food and had totally forgotten about my woes. Whoever said that chocolates are the best cures for heartbreaks really do know what he or she is talking about.

Can You Find an Old Fashioned Place in New York?

13 Mar

arthuravenueYes, you can, actually! New York is a popular city that is continuously flourishing on a busy, fast-paced modern way of life, but wait, the place is also filled with surprises that can make you fall in love with it again and again. And one of these is a neighborhood that still does things using the old-fashioned way, the Arthur Avenue. I am just so happy that I was here just a couple of days ago and it felt like I am totally in a different place and time, outside New York, and not in 2013.

Generally, the place is still filled with shops that are owned by families that are truly proud of what they have distinctively made to the place. Also, the people are so sociable and gregarious that I felt I am actually part of this wonderful and peaceful community. The place has this irresistible Italian charm which definitely is one of the reasons why a lot of people keeps flocking back here. And I am telling you, if you visit here, you will easily feel the comfort and safety as if you are in your own home.

An old and friendly resident from the Arthur Avenue chatted with me for a while when I was busy taking pictures of the beautiful and picturesque setting of the place. And he mentioned that some centuries ago, few Italians settled in the place temporarily to help in the creation of Bronx Zoo. But because of other developments such as the foundation of Third Avenue, their presence grew, with their population reaching to almost a hundred thousand. This is why the Italian atmosphere in Arthur Avenue is easily felt and noticed by many tourists and visitors.

I will definitely come back to Arthur Avenue. After all, I did not finish visiting every shop and restaurant in the place and I want to make some more Italian friends there. Ciao!

Sad Story: Son Cutting His Mother to Pieces

12 Mar

bahsidmcleanA male with mental health problems admitted to cutting his mother into pieces and then spreading her parts in South Bronx.
There was a bag stuffed containing human body parts that is found on Bronx Street at around five o’clock, Tuesday morning (Feb 26.). The body parts are believed to be of Tanya Byrd, age 52, the mother of the schizophrenic and deranged suspect Bashid McLean, 23 years old. There was a saw found in the house where Byrd, Mclean and other family members are living.

Even though McLean called the police to report that his mom is missing, he immediately became a suspect in the horrible killing that happened. So he was questioned by the police at the 40th Precinct Stationhouse on Tuesday.

Let us not go any further with the details of this very unsettling incident but this story is very depressing. The son is having severe mental problems, and it was said that Byrd is terrified of McLean, who was on probation after he attacked two cops with a knife. The younger brother who is just seven years old and who was living with Byrd and McLean is suffering with Down syndrome, according to a neighbor. Neighbors were also telling that McLean has troubles controlling his rage. His father also stated that Mclean had history of doing very destructive things like setting fire and that no one can control the man.

According to Byrd’s sister, Bashid might had a grudge against her mother when she put him into a foster care facility while she was battling a drug problem, and that they only reunited when Bashid turned 18.

But clearly, the man needs psychological help and let us hope that his problems will be treated and controlled as soon as possible so as to avoid gruesome act like this again. My deepest condolences to the McLean family for losing a great mother like Byrd.

Arts Exhibit Fair Happening in New York City

11 Mar

nyfebartThe month of February is not just about hearts day in New York City, but they also have the museum fair happening on the 13th of the February. The museum fair is set to have their debut show about the exhibits and reconstruct installation of their culture including the Nari Ward’s Amazing Grace, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Jason Rhoades’ works and many more.

Take a look at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that exhibits the mid 1860’s to mid 1880’s art that is an anticipated show about Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity which will open on February 26th of the month. It will feature 80 different paintings from different artists like Claude Monet, Édouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Stéphane Mallarmé.

You can also check out the Frick Collection dated way back 500 years ago that presents the wonderful works of Piero della Francesca. He was one of the founders of the Italian Renaissance dated back in the 15th century. The show will open on the 12th of February and will feature the Virgin and Child Enthroned with Attendant Angels art exhibit.

Other breathtaking exhibits that will be featured are the wonderful works of Jay DeFeo. One of his famous collections is The Rose collection that features the 1950’s Beat movement in San Francisco as well as other sculpture, jewellery, paintings and collage made by him. Also watch out for the Gering and Lopez Gallery show which features all of Joan Synder’s colorful artworks and is opened on the 23rd of the month.
More art exhibits awaits you in this love month only here in New York City. Their museum affair exhibits only cater the best and wonderful creations of different artists in the state. This only happens in the month of February so make sure not to miss visiting the museum on your love day.

Adventures in Crying in Public

6 Mar

newyorkcityblog25I have successfully avoided all of the things I listed in my previous post regarding what not to do after a breakup. I hope that somewhere out there someone gains some wisdom from my misery. So, I have been trying to do anything and everything not to just find her and beg her to come back to me.
My friend, Ashley, took me to have some drinks. She said that getting out and trying to have fun would be good for me. She even said I should try talking to a pretty lady or two. It would make me feel a little better to see that there are other fish in the sea. However, this was not exactly how the night went. At least, it will make a good story, so just keep reading.
Ashley knew of a bar in a part of Brooklyn that I like the most, so we went there. We got all dressed up as if we were a couple of girlfriends. I think it’s nice to have a friend who is girl that can let me be the metrosexual I am with her. That part was fun. She tousled my hair for me to have a perfect style as we went out to seek relief from the pain of a broken, battered, and abandoned heart.
On the way to the bar, I started to cry in the cab. I managed to pull myself together before we got out, but it was a little embarrassing. The cab driver looked amused. What a jerk, right?
When we got inside the bar, there were several pretty ladies, but I had to grab a drink before I could be sure I wouldn’t cry while trying to talk to them. It did not work.
I had a beer, and I finished most of it before I walked up to a table with two nice looking girls sitting at it. I offered to buy them both a drink, and they accepted. By the time the drinks had come, I was in tears telling them how Sara broke my heart. We facebook friended each other, but I don’t think they will be dating me any time soon.
Better luck next time?

Five Horrible Break Up Ideas

6 Mar

I am still single and heartbroken, people. My soul has been completely crushed. I may as well be laying in the middle of the street waiting to be run over by a giant truck. Instead of just feeling sorry for myself, I have used my freshly found free time to create a list of things you should never, ever do when going through a breakup.
1.            Do not drink and use electronic devices. If you are going to drown your sorrows with a bottle of Johnny Walker Red, then you will do it without access to the internet, your phone, your email, any form of social media, and the world. Really, do you want to wake up tomorrow and see that you announced on Twitter that you are a miserable sad sack without your girlfriend? You do not want to be that guy.
2.            Do not call your ex every day. Do not call her at all. If she dumped you, then she needs to see what life without you is like. She may not like it, but if you are calling her every day, she is not living without you. She is just living without a commitment to you.
3.            Do not walk or ride near their home to see if you “happen” to run into each other. That is both creepy and illegal.
4.            Do not seek greater understanding of the reasons why they left you. If they left, then they don’t want to answer your questions. You will have a greater chance of rekindling the relationship if you give plenty of space.
5.            Do not talk to his or her friends. This is a great way to let them make you the butt of a joke, a jerk, or a pathetic loser pining away. If you say good things, they will think you are a sucker. If you say bad things, you will look like a jerk. It’s a no win situation, so just stay away from it.