Adventures in Crying in Public

6 Mar

newyorkcityblog25I have successfully avoided all of the things I listed in my previous post regarding what not to do after a breakup. I hope that somewhere out there someone gains some wisdom from my misery. So, I have been trying to do anything and everything not to just find her and beg her to come back to me.
My friend, Ashley, took me to have some drinks. She said that getting out and trying to have fun would be good for me. She even said I should try talking to a pretty lady or two. It would make me feel a little better to see that there are other fish in the sea. However, this was not exactly how the night went. At least, it will make a good story, so just keep reading.
Ashley knew of a bar in a part of Brooklyn that I like the most, so we went there. We got all dressed up as if we were a couple of girlfriends. I think it’s nice to have a friend who is girl that can let me be the metrosexual I am with her. That part was fun. She tousled my hair for me to have a perfect style as we went out to seek relief from the pain of a broken, battered, and abandoned heart.
On the way to the bar, I started to cry in the cab. I managed to pull myself together before we got out, but it was a little embarrassing. The cab driver looked amused. What a jerk, right?
When we got inside the bar, there were several pretty ladies, but I had to grab a drink before I could be sure I wouldn’t cry while trying to talk to them. It did not work.
I had a beer, and I finished most of it before I walked up to a table with two nice looking girls sitting at it. I offered to buy them both a drink, and they accepted. By the time the drinks had come, I was in tears telling them how Sara broke my heart. We facebook friended each other, but I don’t think they will be dating me any time soon.
Better luck next time?


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