6 Mar

newyorkcityblog23Sara left me last night. She had been planning it for at least a month, and I had no idea. She said that she felt smothered with me. She said her life was passing her by while she wasted time with me playing pool and watching basketball games. I thought she loved pool! She’s great at it like a pool shark!
I was horrified. If I had been unfaithful, I could understand, but I never ever even thought about cheating on her. When women would sometimes approach me in a way that made me think they were interested in me, I would make it clear that I was in love with a girl named Sara. I bought a ring. I was going to propose on New Year’s Eve in Times Square.
How romantic would that be? I thought maybe it would make up for the Swamp Foot Farce of 2012. It looks like Sara will never love me, and maybe she never did love me. How do you just decide that you are no longer in love with someone? You either love them, or you don’t. You are either happy with them, or you are not happy with them.
How can someone become unhappy without having a reason for that unhappiness? I asked her if there were anything at all that I could do to change her mind. She said that it was too late for that.
I said, “But you never told me I needed to change! How can it be too late when you never tried?”
She just cried and shook her head. She asked me to let her go without a big fuss. A big fuss? She’s been a part of everything that matters to me for years. She’s gone. She just walked out the door and left me like I was an old pair of running shoes.
I have never been so devastated as I am right at this very minute. New York City feels like a very small place without my sweet Sara in it by my side.


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