Sad Story: Son Cutting His Mother to Pieces

12 Mar

bahsidmcleanA male with mental health problems admitted to cutting his mother into pieces and then spreading her parts in South Bronx.
There was a bag stuffed containing human body parts that is found on Bronx Street at around five o’clock, Tuesday morning (Feb 26.). The body parts are believed to be of Tanya Byrd, age 52, the mother of the schizophrenic and deranged suspect Bashid McLean, 23 years old. There was a saw found in the house where Byrd, Mclean and other family members are living.

Even though McLean called the police to report that his mom is missing, he immediately became a suspect in the horrible killing that happened. So he was questioned by the police at the 40th Precinct Stationhouse on Tuesday.

Let us not go any further with the details of this very unsettling incident but this story is very depressing. The son is having severe mental problems, and it was said that Byrd is terrified of McLean, who was on probation after he attacked two cops with a knife. The younger brother who is just seven years old and who was living with Byrd and McLean is suffering with Down syndrome, according to a neighbor. Neighbors were also telling that McLean has troubles controlling his rage. His father also stated that Mclean had history of doing very destructive things like setting fire and that no one can control the man.

According to Byrd’s sister, Bashid might had a grudge against her mother when she put him into a foster care facility while she was battling a drug problem, and that they only reunited when Bashid turned 18.

But clearly, the man needs psychological help and let us hope that his problems will be treated and controlled as soon as possible so as to avoid gruesome act like this again. My deepest condolences to the McLean family for losing a great mother like Byrd.


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