Can You Find an Old Fashioned Place in New York?

13 Mar

arthuravenueYes, you can, actually! New York is a popular city that is continuously flourishing on a busy, fast-paced modern way of life, but wait, the place is also filled with surprises that can make you fall in love with it again and again. And one of these is a neighborhood that still does things using the old-fashioned way, the Arthur Avenue. I am just so happy that I was here just a couple of days ago and it felt like I am totally in a different place and time, outside New York, and not in 2013.

Generally, the place is still filled with shops that are owned by families that are truly proud of what they have distinctively made to the place. Also, the people are so sociable and gregarious that I felt I am actually part of this wonderful and peaceful community. The place has this irresistible Italian charm which definitely is one of the reasons why a lot of people keeps flocking back here. And I am telling you, if you visit here, you will easily feel the comfort and safety as if you are in your own home.

An old and friendly resident from the Arthur Avenue chatted with me for a while when I was busy taking pictures of the beautiful and picturesque setting of the place. And he mentioned that some centuries ago, few Italians settled in the place temporarily to help in the creation of Bronx Zoo. But because of other developments such as the foundation of Third Avenue, their presence grew, with their population reaching to almost a hundred thousand. This is why the Italian atmosphere in Arthur Avenue is easily felt and noticed by many tourists and visitors.

I will definitely come back to Arthur Avenue. After all, I did not finish visiting every shop and restaurant in the place and I want to make some more Italian friends there. Ciao!


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