A Cure for Heartbreak

19 Mar

hotchocolateSo after days of moping and drinking over a broken-heart and a sudden break-up, I finally decided to listen to the logical part of my brain that shut down the day I met her. I know he’s been bugging me for hours every day to go out and have a life, but what does he know, he’s always logical. He’s not affected by the break-up, he’s not the one smashed into tiny bits of pieces when Sara left. He’s just up there, inside my head, rambling about what I should do, what I should not have done, and to kick my butt every time I mope. Yeah, I’m talking to my brain, sue me!

So I finally heed his advice and decided to go out and just have a bit of stroll around the area. Reached a café and decided to go inside and have a freshly brewed coffee to wake my body up from a long sleep. Don’t know what came over me that when the waitress came to get my order, instead of a cup of brewed coffee, I said, “a tall cup of hot Spanish chocolate please and a slice of that moist chocolate cake!” What did I just ordered? Did I just say chocolates? Yeah, that must be what I have said since the waitress looked at me like I must be from other planets or something. I almost rolled my eyes out of embarrassment but I didn’t flutter, stick with it my boy.

So the chocolate party had arrived with a faint smile from the waitress, she’s a little cute. And under her watchful eye, I have no choice but to take a sip from my cup. Well, it was delicious alright, not too sweet and has a little bit of a bitter tinge to it that I quite like. A couple of minutes later and I almost finished my food and had totally forgotten about my woes. Whoever said that chocolates are the best cures for heartbreaks really do know what he or she is talking about.


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