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Moving On

30 Apr

love_airportSo it has been a couple of months since Sarah and I broke up and I finally decided to look at the bright side of life and get on with my life, especially since my work had been greatly affected by the break up. Months went by and I put all my energy and attention to my job since I don’t have anything else to do. Fortunately, my efforts and time paid-off and I got the trip that I have wanted to get since it was announced last year. It’s an all expense paid business trip for a week and an extra 2 days off to a very beautiful resort off the coast. Who would have thought that one of the most hurtful experiences in my life would bring such opportunity for me to grow and learn more in this business world?

So I packed all my clothes and some sharp suits for the trip as well as some summer outfits to be prepared for the weekend off. When I got to the airport, it looks like my luck has been slowly fading since my plane was delayed for almost 2 hours. I can’t stop fuming and thinking of different things to say about the services the airport offers. It’s just when I heard about their new agenda to make waiting more productive and enjoyable especially to busy and grouchy clients. They have this “meet someone” game that everyone is so excited about.

Ok fine, it’s a little childish but what else can I lose right? I’m single, alone in a flight and have nothing else to do but wait for the flight which is hours away, so why not try right. So I decided to log-in and join out of boredom and curiosity, and it’s just my luck maybe playing games with me, but I met this girl who I feel very comfortable talking to. We are on the same airport but we decided not to meet. It’s a bit exciting to happen to someone and a bit out of ordinary but I’m happy. Maybe we’ll keep communicating after this, but who knows right?