6 Mar

newyorkcityblog23Sara left me last night. She had been planning it for at least a month, and I had no idea. She said that she felt smothered with me. She said her life was passing her by while she wasted time with me playing pool and watching basketball games. I thought she loved pool! She’s great at it like a pool shark!
I was horrified. If I had been unfaithful, I could understand, but I never ever even thought about cheating on her. When women would sometimes approach me in a way that made me think they were interested in me, I would make it clear that I was in love with a girl named Sara. I bought a ring. I was going to propose on New Year’s Eve in Times Square.
How romantic would that be? I thought maybe it would make up for the Swamp Foot Farce of 2012. It looks like Sara will never love me, and maybe she never did love me. How do you just decide that you are no longer in love with someone? You either love them, or you don’t. You are either happy with them, or you are not happy with them.
How can someone become unhappy without having a reason for that unhappiness? I asked her if there were anything at all that I could do to change her mind. She said that it was too late for that.
I said, “But you never told me I needed to change! How can it be too late when you never tried?”
She just cried and shook her head. She asked me to let her go without a big fuss. A big fuss? She’s been a part of everything that matters to me for years. She’s gone. She just walked out the door and left me like I was an old pair of running shoes.
I have never been so devastated as I am right at this very minute. New York City feels like a very small place without my sweet Sara in it by my side.


I Will Have Fun in NYC for Christmas!

6 Mar

newyorkcityblog26I have been having the most difficult time dealing with Sara leaving me just before Christmas. We had put up a Christmas tree and I had even wrapped a few presents to place under the silver and blue decorated white tree. She left the tree behind, and she didn’t even ask about the presents.
Up until today, I kind of hoped and maybe even expected that she would call me by now. It is just before the most romantic holiday of all, and she has just disappeared. Well, what can I do? I have accepted that she is gone.
Her untouched gifts glare at me from under the cool colored lights and shiny things adorning the plastic branches of the plastic tree. It’s kind of like our love must have been: plastic. Obviously, this is not very healthy thinking, and I should not be sitting in our apartment staring at the gifts she left behind the same way she left me behind.
Luckily, I am in the most incredible city in the world with some of the most amazing people in the world here in this city somewhere as well. We have beautiful buildings and parks and water all around us. We have delicious food from any country in the world that you can imagine.
Somewhere in this city, there is a place that serves cuisine from every area of the world. Am I going to stay in this apartment one more minute feeling like a loser when an entire world of opportunities for fun, excitement, and adventure are right outside my door? No I am not. I am done feeling this way.
Tonight, I will go to another bar with another friend, Cam, and together we will go out and I will have fun. I will make myself have fun. It’s still Christmas time, and I think this holiday is even more romantic than Valentine’s Day. Christmas trees and shiny ornaments everywhere cannot be compared to a greeting card of a holiday like Valentine’s Day. Snuggle by a fire, smell the needles of pine (even from a can), and holding her in my arms was the way I wanted every day. All of that is going to be put to rest now. I let go: right now.
I’m going to get dressed up in my sharpest threads to go out with Cam now, and I will talk to a pretty woman without a tear in my eye at all. I will – just wait and see.

Walking Embarrassment…Right Here, Yeah Me

6 Mar

newyorkcityblog25I have successfully avoided all of the things I listed in my previous post regarding what not to do after a breakup. I hope that somewhere out there someone gains some wisdom from my misery. So, I have been trying to do anything and everything not to just find her and beg her to come back to me.
My friend, Ashley, took me to have some drinks. She said that getting out and trying to have fun would be good for me. She even said I should try talking to a pretty lady or two. It would make me feel a little better to see that there are other fish in the sea. However, this was not exactly how the night went. At least, it will make a good story, so just keep reading.
Ashley knew of a bar in a part of Brooklyn that I like the most, so we went there. We got all dressed up as if we were a couple of girlfriends. I think it’s nice to have a friend who is girl that can let me be the metrosexual I am with her. That part was fun. She tousled my hair for me to have a perfect style as we went out to seek relief from the pain of a broken, battered, and abandoned heart.
On the way to the bar, I started to cry in the cab. I managed to pull myself together before we got out, but it was a little embarrassing. The cab driver looked amused. What a jerk, right?
When we got inside the bar, there were several pretty ladies, but I had to grab a drink before I could be sure I wouldn’t cry while trying to talk to them. It did not work.
I had a beer, and I finished most of it before I walked up to a table with two nice looking girls sitting at it. I offered to buy them both a drink, and they accepted. By the time the drinks had come, I was in tears telling them how Sara broke my heart. We facebook friended each other, but I don’t think they will be dating me any time soon.
Better luck next time?

New Year, New Attitude

5 Mar

I have rung in the New Year with a little dancing to some old school Justin Timberlake. I love that dude. I know that it might be a little weird for a guy to be all like, “I love J Tim, yo!” Yet, I do. I love J Tim! He rocks. Plus, I really love shaking what my mama gave me in the club to Sexy Back. He said he was bringing sexy back, and he sure did, didn’t he, ladies? How about that? Yeah, I’m a modern man. I can admit to having a fantasy about having a bromance with Justin Timberlake.
I have other reasons for admiring the guy other than that he makes some smoking music that gets all the ladies in the club dancing. He’s a great Memphian. If you know anything about people in Memphis, you’ll know that this city has a serious inferiority complex. A bunch of guys in my dorm were from Memphis, and they all said it was a place you lived in until you could find an escape hatch. It’s one of the ten most dangerous cities for women in the US, according to Forbes.
Did Justin grow up there, leave, and never look back? Nope. He goes back regularly to catch a basketball game with his new wife – the lovely Jessica Biel. Does the man have taste? I think so. Not only does he regularly return to his hometown to see his mom and hang out with the locals, but he also invests in the future of the children there. He gives to the community, and he cheers on the local basketball team, the Memphis Grizzlies. How awesome is that? I’ve been to Memphis, and I can’t say it’d be on my list of places to spend my free time too much if I were famous.
Hey, did you notice I didn’t mention Sara?

New Year’s Resolution: Be healthy and fit.

5 Mar

highlineThis morning Sara and I decided to take a run in Highline Park path to start our day. It was nice and refreshing to see green trees instead of tall buildings for a change. I know having New Year’s resolutions are so overrated but we promised this year that we are going to start living healthy and be fit. It’s New York City and there are basically more than a hundred gyms having state of the art equipment and offering a lot of different workouts. But we decided that running together will be more fun and a great way to spend time together on a weekend.

What’s the great way to make you fully awake after a jog? Well the answer is coffee. Stopping to get coffee and bagels was the next on our list. Sara was thinking of getting fruits but we decided to get coffee instead. We both can’t resist the smell of coffee in the morning.  It took us almost 5 minutes to decide what to have because Sara can’t choose whether to get blueberry bagels or cranberry bagels. In the end I bought both for her so we can go back home.

I can’t wait to take a shower and spend the rest of the day watching a movie and just relax. But when Sara saw me about to prepare popcorns, she instantly stopped me and took out fruits she prepared probably while I was showering. I knew she was up to something when she didn’t insist we have fruits instead of bagels but I went along with it. The fruits she prepared weren’t that bad but I’d still choose popcorn if I can.

I hope I won’t regret having this New Year’s resolution. I can’t watch movies all the time while having fruits instead of popcorns.

My Son, Scarface

5 Mar

I was in an alley trying to check my cell under an awning in the rain. I looked up and saw a cat crying. It was freezing, but I was lost trying to find a party. The temp was ridic cold. The cat was crying out for help huddled against a wall on the other side of the alley.
Since my girl took off, I’ve been kind of lonely. I went over to see if the cat would bight me or go crazy if I touched it. The cat just licked my hand. I picked him up and buttoned him under my coat. We went to the party, but no one there wanted to deal with my kittycicle.
We took a cab back to my place. I locked him in the bathroom while I went to get a cat box and food and stuff. I expected him to freak, but he just sat by the heater in the bathroom it seemed.
We sat on the couch for a while wrapped up in a blanket, and he purred and purred. It was awesome. Torally worth bailing on the party. I named him Scarface. I just think that’s a cool name. He doesn’t have a scar.
Overall, 2013 has been full of tears, laughter, tears, why oh whys, despair, and hope. I think having a pet will keep me centered. Someone – or something if you have to be that way – is dependent on me to survive. That makes me feel really special, and it makes me have to remember to keep a regular schedule. I need to always feed the cat.
Scarface needs food and water and a clean cat box every single day. He also needs my love and attention every day, so I have to be here for him in all of those aspects of love and family. Scarface is now my family. He is my furry little son. If girls can call their mini dogs their babies, why can’t I call my kitty my baby?

Dine Out

4 Mar

MarriottDinnerforTwoHighRes2008New York City is one of the most romantic places in the world. If you’re planning a romantic vacation, it is a great place for your special escape whether it’s for a proposal, a honeymoon, or anniversaries getaway.
Knowing the most romantic places in New York will allow you to plan a very special evening for you and your loved one. After a long day of work, I fetch my special someone from her place. I want to impress her so I took her to one of the most famous restaurants last night. I took an early reservation of dinner for two.

When we first arrived at the restaurant, there was more than one friendly staff that greeted us and showed us the way for the welcome drink. This restaurant offers a romantic atmosphere, as well as quality food and services. We ordered the seafood platter, which arrived warm. The steaks were yummy! There is also a live band that performs at 8pm. According to some regulars, it also offers live piano music sometimes.
Valentine ‘s Day is approaching. Flowers and chocolates are a good start, but what could be a better way to impress that special someone on Valentine’s Day than an unforgettable meal at a romantic restaurant?

If you are planning to have a date with your loved ones, dinner is the best choice but don’t forget that a little planning will go a long way. Call ahead for a reservation if you can. When choosing a restaurant, remember also the cost. You should be paying attention to your date not secretly adding up the bill in your mind. Remember the importance of services also. You and your date need time and privacy. You don’t need attitude or neglect.

I am glad that my special someone appreciates my effort. I made her smile with that surprise.